Enable universities and schools to rapidly implement the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts for various application needs.

How will Unifinity
enhance education?

Blockchain is digitized truth, hence it is applicable in any digital process where parties are required to trust each other.

By utilizing this emerging technology Unifinity plans to disrupt the education system through the following innovative use cases:

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  • 1 Securing Diplomas and Certificates
  • 2 Self-Sovereign Identity
  • 3 Blockchain-based Payment Options
  • 4 New Ways to Fund Student’s Education
  • 5 Incentivization and Rewards Mechanism

What is Unifinity?

Unifinity is dynamic Interface, connecting all Blockchain innovation partners and processes by providing the necessary infrastructure and a set of integrated tools. It will empower universities to manage Blockchain features and applications at a fraction of the current cost, time, creating a revolutionary transformation for the educational system.

Works well with browers and 2G or 3G connection

Transitioning the traditional education system into Blockchain technology

  • More time spent on administration
    and enrollment process
  • Fake student identity and
  • Poor student's class performance
    and high absenteeism
  • Delayed/unsettled university bills
    due to lack of payment facility
  • Alarming growth of unbank students
    and poor investment and financial literacy
  • Expensive software and maintenance
    fees for school management system
  • MAE

    Marketing, Admission, and Enrollment Management System

  • FIT

    Financial Investment Tool

  • PRP

    Performance Rewards Distribution Platform

  • VBS

    Virtual Banking System

  • AMS

    Attendance Management and Monitoring System

  • LMS

    Learning Management System


    Indentity Verification and Certificate Issuance System

  • UPG

    University Payment Gateway

Want to learn more?

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Launch your Virtual Academy in One Minute!

  • Full Management Framework and Management in one application.
  • Issue your own unique Blockchain certificate at a very low cost.
  • Zero software or license fee.
  • Customize your own landing page in 1 minute. Zero coding skills required.
  • Save huge cost and time on server management and software maintenance.
  • Receive payments in less than 1 minute anywhere around the world straight to your account
  • 100% secured web application and free to use

Unifinity Timeline

Unifinity is a portal for the university where they have a full ERP solution at ZERO software cost.

We are slowly transforming the UNIFINITY website into the best place for users to learn about BLOCKCHAIN and it's REAL USE CASE.



Conceptualization Research, Case Studies, Market Analysis Trainings and Seminars for Regulations Events and Conferences

Planning Stage Finding the right Partner University Case studies Blockchain Comparative Analysis Getting Recognized through conference


University Roadshows and Events Conducted as a Dry Run Prior to Implementation Project prefunding started and Capitalization Setting Up the Legal entity Partnership with Recognized Institutions Globally

Project Implementation Application Development Setting Up Roadshows Partnership Road map Exchange Listing and Partnership Bank Integration and Partnership Application for Licenses


Development and Beta launch for Unifinity Institute.


License and registration and Market launch for Unifinity Virtual Classroom.


Unifinity’s Previous University Roadshows

View our successful Crypto Massive Adoption Nationwide University Roadshows together with the University Supporters and Tech Movers of the Industry.

Thank you to all the Academic Partners and Supporters. See you on our next Roadshows.

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